Our Process

Coopers Doors is committed to working with you, your builder, architect and designer through each stage of our process in order to make the Design, Build, Delivery and Installation process of your new door as simple and enjoyable as we can.

We provide a full design service providing every client with 3D & 2D specification drawing.

All our doors are made to order which allows us to vary our designs to meet every client brief or design new custom doors for those clients looking for something unique and one of a kind. Our design service also allows us to design and engineer large pivot doors for the luxury architectural market.

Before we start Coopers Doors are committed to ensuring we design the best possible door for the right environment and exposure. That’s why we will always ask our clients to provide which aspect the door is facing and what cover the door will have in order to understand better how the door will perform in the environment it’s going into.

Coopers Doors are 100% Australian made, they are built in our workshop in Caringbah, Sydney. All our doors are handcrafted by our highly experienced and skilled team who pride themselves on being artisans when it comes to working with wood.

Coopers Doors are built using the best quality timbers and engineered materials to ensure your doors remain in the best possible condition over the life of the door.

Coopers Doors are able to build large engineered doors by utilising steel frames and the highest quality door hardware.

Coopers Doors provide a fully finished door, coated in OSMO UV Oil & Wax. We can also build matching door jambs and sidelights and supply and install all pivot hardware, locks, and handles.


Coopers Store delivers Australia wide and will happily arrange your delivery or freight requirements.


Coopers Doors will manage your new door purchase from design through to installation (Installation only available in Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Central Coast and Blue Mountains).

Coopers Doors works closely with expert installers who specialise in installing our doors. Coopers Doors can manage the installation process for you or work with your installer to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation.

If you’re ordering outside of our installation areas then we provide support, advice and expertise to ensure our doors can be installed correctly by any licenced builder or carpenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete and comprehensive answers to our most commonly asked questions and lots of valuable information to help you when considering purchasing a Coopers Door.

Before you get started

When considering purchasing a new front door or internal door we recommend asking some initial questions.

  1. What do I want the door to look like, do I want a contemporary door, or a traditional door. Maybe an industrial door or a rustic door? If you haven’t already Click Here to view our projects to see different door styles with different house facades.
  2. What timber colour best suits my home? Click Here to see the different timbers and finishes.
  3. What size door do I need? You don’t need an exact size now, we will confirm all that later, just a rough idea of the size?
  4. It’s always helpful to understand some of the door terminology used;
    •  Pivot Door – A door that opens and closes by rotating on a top and bottom point. Typically used to describe larger doors that are over 1000mm wide and are too heavy to install on hinges.
    •  Hinged Door – A door that opens and closes using traditional hinges installed along the height of the door.
    •  Pivot Hardware – Is used to install a Pivot Door. There are several different types of pivot hardware to suit the height, width, and weight of a door. Pivot Hardware enables large heavy doors to open and close with the assistance of hydraulics and soft close functionality.
    •  Internal Door – A door built for internal use only either from solid timber or veneer.
    •  Door Jamb – The timber frame that surrounds the door that the pivot hardware or hinges are installed into and the striker plate for the lock.
    •  Sidelight – A section of timber frame added to the door jamb where glass is installed.
    •  Threshold – The bottom piece of timber on a door jamb. The door jamb can be made with or without a threshold depending on your requirements.
    •  Mortice Lock – An all in one integrated entrance lock.
    •  Mortice Lock for Electronic Strike – An all in one integrated entrance lock that works with an electronic strike.
    •  Electronic Strike – A striker installed in the door jamb that is wired to a home automation or security system. The door can be remotely opened using keypads around the home or through apps and smart home technology.
    •  Striker Plate – Where the lock fits into the jamb is called the striker plate
    •  Seal – A Seal is a protective barrier installed on the top and bottom of the door and in the door jamb. They assist in repelling light, wind, water, bugs etc.

Standard vs Custom

At Coopers Doors all our doors are made to order. A Standard door refers to a door selected from our range of doors and made to one of the sizes we have specified.

A Custom door refers to any other door that is made to a different specification, whether it be size, timber or style.

What's better, a Pivot Door or a Hinged Door?

At Coopers Doors we don’t believe one is better than the other however both perform better than the other in certain circumstances.

If you are looking for a large door, 2.4m high or more and 1.0m wide or more then we would always recommend a pivot system for that door. A pivot system will absorb the additional weight of a door this size allowing you to open and close the door as per a standard door. It will allow you to add soft close functionality to the door which reduces the risk of the door slamming and damaging the door jamb and provides a safe closing speed for the door.

The main concern people express to us at Coopers Doors about pivot doors is in relation to how they are sealed. At Coopers Doors all of our pivot doors come standard with brush seals installed into the top and bottom of the door or into the header of the jamb if required.

We also supply stop beads that are installed on the door jamb during installation and are fitted with a rubber seal for your pivot door to close on. If you are wanting to create a truly one of a kind entry to your home then a pivot door is what you need.

A hinged door is a perfect residential solution for any door under 2.4m high and 1.0m wide. A hinged door in particular is a better option for narrower doors as you don’t lose any negative space like you do with a pivot system. A hinged door also offers a more cost effective hardware and installation solution.

Whether it be Pivot or Hinge Coopers Doors will work with you to ensure you have the best advice and solution that is right for your home.

What else do I need to order apart from the door?

When purchasing a door you will also need to decide what type of door jamb you require. You will also need to purchase door hardware. See Next Question.

At Coopers Doors we make our Door Jambs in the same timber to match your door. If we can’t use the same timber then we will stain a similar timber to match your door.

A door jamb consists of the timber that surrounds the door. A Threshold if required which is the piece along the floor. Lastly if required, a sidelight to the left, the right, or both sides and or a highlight above the door and jamb. Click Here to view our range of door jamb options.

Coopers Doors can also supply the door only for use in an aluminium jamb or steel jamb.

Door Hardware

Door Hardware refers to any item installed on the door to assist in its functionality. This includes, Pivot Systems, Locks, Hinges, Handles, Seals

At Coopers Doors we only use the best quality hardware from leading hardware brands. We also ensure it’s installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If your unsure of what hardware you need for your door then Click Here for a full Hardware Guide.

How long does delivery take

All Door orders are normally completed and delivered in 6-8 weeks. During peak times this can extend to 10 weeks. If you have an urgent or set deadline then talk to the team at Coopers Doors and they will advise at the time of order if your deadline can be achieved.

I live outside of Sydney, can I still order

Coopers Doors can freight your door all over Australia. If you can’t make it to our showroom in Sydney for any reason then the team at Coopers Doors can work with you via phone, email, and skype. There’s no reason you can’t have the door you want delivered to wherever you want!

Depending on the size and scale of your project, Coopers Doors can travel to you as well to carry out any on site meetings, planning and design work to ensure your getting the best possible result for your project.

Can my builder call you if he has any questions?

Of course he or she can! We are always ready and willing to assist any builder with any questions they have or provide any support material or specifications they might need to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to the door you’re purchasing and how that will be installed on site and what relationship it will have to the surrounding materials in relation to design and functionality.

I want to buy a door online but I’m not sure if what I’m ordering is correct?

At Coopers Doors we know that purchasing a door online can be taunting. We want you to have absolute peace of mind when purchasing from us so our promise to you is; You can trust us!

We will call you within 24 hours of your purchase online to confirm all your details and to discuss what you have ordered to make sure it is right for you and the door you want. We can make any changes that are needed at this time. During this conversation, if for any reason you decide to cancel the order we will refund you in full straight away.

Do I need to maintain my door?

You will need to reapply the finish we have coated the door in. Click Here for Care & Maintenance instructions.

Still need help?

Still have questions? Please contact us, we would love to answer them!

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